Game Update #4

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Game Update #4 Empty Game Update #4

Post  Sage Harpuia Master on Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:28 pm

The game's progress is moving steadily and slowly. Currently, I'm am working on two characters and the character themes. Zero's, Aeolus's, Atlas's, Thetis's, and Siarnaq's V1 themes are complete. More custom spriting will be done over the weekend. I really want people to help me on this. Otherwise, this will take forever to make, and I may lose interest, which I don't want to do. On another note, updates will also be available via Youtube and Skype. Who knows, maybe they'll be something really interesting there.

My Skype Name:

My Youtube Account Name:

I will only be giving the downloads of the WIP content to people are willing to help. It may be a harsh thing to do, but I only want to give these downloads to people that I know will do something that will benefit me and the game.

I'm also taking character ideas and engine suggestions. I want to limit the roster to 33 characters. I already got 25, so that means 8 slots are open. I like my current engine idea, but I would like to hear your ideas aswell.

That's it for now. If this link is on another forum, leave your comments there.

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