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Game and Forum Update #1 Empty Game and Forum Update #1

Post  Sage Harpuia Master on Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:34 pm

I am proud to announce that this game is getting a total revamp. Story, characters, and all. Well actually, I've been announced this, but posting in this forum makes it 100% official. There will be many changes. One change is the roster. It will feature characters from all of the Mega Man series, but completely redesigned and slightly changed to fit the story. The story will be based off of a concept that I had about Mega Man. If you seen my dA posts, you know the concept. Their will be two versions, Beta and Alpha. Beta will feature ZX sprites. Alpha will feature CvS sprites. There may be an Omega depending on how well this project goes and my dedication to it. Finally, the forum, the forum will be complete remade to fit my concept of Mega. If I can't do it, I'll find someone. Last but not least, for real, I really would like help on this. I can do some things on my own, but having help will make progress even faster. So if you're interested, sign up. I may just automatically make you a trial if you can be truly dedicated.

Comment as much as you can.

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